GLATHB Purpose & Objectives

PURPOSE: The Board is responsible to promote the advancement of the Great Lakes Area Indian health services, increased access to Great Lakes Area Indian health services, increased funding for Great Lakes Indian health services, and maximization of tribal self-determination and self-governance in the health care arena. The Board shall be authorized to take all actions necessary to accomplish these objectives, including undertaking such studies as the Board shall deem necessary, monitoring and participating in regional and national forums and discussions, and educating federal and state legislative and agency offices in connection with appropriation, legislative and regulatory initiatives.

OBJECTIVES: The Board was created by MAST to:

  • Provide guidance and assistance to the member Tribes and their health departments and any other departments responsible for health related programs regarding issues related to community health care needs and the programs available to the Tribal Communities and residents of the Midwest area; and
  • Make recommendations for improving, developing, coordinating and strengthening the quality and efficiency of the health services and programs offered by the Great Lakes Tribes; and
  •  Offer members of the Tribal Communities an opportunity to participate in the identification, evaluation, development and implementation of the health services and programs offered in the Great Lakes area; and
  • Provide regional and national advocacy for Great Lakes Tribal health issues.

On behalf of the Midwest Alliance of Sovereign Tribes, the Board will ensure that all services and the administration of funds are maintained at an efficient and maximum operational level.